Make A Magical Forest, Prehistoric Landscape or Sea Floor Scene

Following on from my Make a Road & Forest Floor Scene post…

These scenes are ridiculously easy to make and I promise you don’t need to have outstanding painting skills. You just need to be able to draw a basic outline and paint with a full heart and spongeful gusto!

My boys are always begging me to make another floor scene with them. They love the journey into the hardware store to choose their wood; they happily wallow in deciding which elements are essential to their new scene (bird droppings on a rocky island or magic mushrooms sprouting from an old gum tree); they sponge their paintings out with ferocity and vigour; and once their scene is complete, they fall upon it with their animals and boats creating a magical world at their feet.

How to create a magical scene:

1. Grab yourself a piece of white-backed MDF from your local hardware store (Bunnings sell pieces made from sustainably managed plantation forest wood for around $7 – you’ll want at least a 1200mm x 600mm x 3mm piece).

2. Pencil in your lakes, volcanic lava flows, forests or beaches onto the raw side of the MDF.

3. Squirt a good dollop of your chosen colour onto each part of your outline and sponge away. Any old sponge will do, there’s no need to be a sponge snob for this job.

Tip: Start sponging with a light green paint for forests then gently overlay in sections with a slighty darker green (no need to wait for the paint to dry in between coats); this gives texture and depth to your scene. Create foam and froth around rocks and seashores with flecks of lightly sponged white; add red sponging over black paint for a volcanic flow; and darken yellow sand with mustard paint for a more natural beach look. Of course you can fill in details with paintbrushes, like I’ve done with the trees, lighthouse and mushrooms.

4. Wait for your masterpiece to dry and then lacquer with a clear varnish to finish. Ensconse yourself in the magical world on the floor with your munchkins…

The cost & production time for this project:

Cost of white-backed MDF 1200mm x 600mm x 3mm: $7
Cost of paints & varnish: $3 (based on how much of my paint stash we used)
Total cost of project: $10

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