Rustic Branch Candle Art

I have collected weathered wood for years – crunkled old branches worn grey and knobbled by icy winds whistling over hilltops, dark and dewy logs beaten by rivers and tossed into the unforgiving Australian sun, or sun baked parchments of derelict piers that have come to rest on a deserted beach. Each piece is truly art in itself, hiding stories within its wrinkles and crevices that I can only guess at – why not enhance that beauty with the flickering forgiveness of magical candle light? This beautiful candle holder was inspired by our trip to the magical landscapes of outback Australia.

You’ll need:

A piece of beautiful wood
A decent heat-proof tea light cup and tea lights to place inside (we used a good quality ceramic cup)
A spade bit, or a core hole drill bit
An electric planer

How to create your masterpiece:

You’ll need the spade bit (or a core hole drill bit) to create a lovely round hole for your tea light cup. Drill your hole to just short of the tea light cup’s depth (you want your cup to be just above the rim of the hole to keep the flame away from the wood itself).  We also planed the base of our entire piece of wood flat with an electric plane. This prevents it from rocking on the mantlepiece.  Pop your candle holder inside and you’re done!

Remember to never leave a candle unattended and keep your masterpiece well away from children :-).

Total cost & production time for this project: You will honestly need only 20 minutes to create your candle art (plus long, lovely hours exploring the wilderness for your treasured wood). It cost us $3 for six tea light candles (and probably would cost another $5 for the good quality candle holder however ours was a free find).

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