Magic Shoestring Tip – The Karate Chop Ninja Game

Following on from my Operation Sneaky Stealth Mode party post…

This game took the madness to a whole new level, so some tips upfront to help maintain some kind of order to the ninjas-in-training…

The best move we made was to have all the children enter the dojo’s inner chamber in sneaky silent stealth mode. This brought them down to a respectable level of excitement after the mad star-throwing game.

We styled the inner chamber (aka our dining room) with a mish-mash of red rugs on the floor for seated ninjas-in-waiting. At the head of the room stood our four ninja masters, armed with a teetering pile of cut pieces of foam from polystyrene boxes. The pieces were cut to about 30cm long by 10cm wide.

Each training ninja was asked to step up to their master, bow and ka-raa-tee-CHOP! a piece of foam with the blade of their hand.

A little help from our masters with some (unnoticeable) bending of the foam at each end helped to ensure a 100% success rate. Little hearts swelled with pride as each ninja cracked the air with wild splintering chops!

Total Cost: $0
Total Production Time: 20 mins for two of us to cut and crack the polystyrene boxes into 50 suitably sized pieces using small jaggered knives. We cut them the week before and stashed them high up out of sneaky hands’ way.

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