Magic Shoestring Tip – Make A Froggy Mask

Following on from my Froggin’ About party post…

A ‘Froggy Headdress’ is probably a better name for these, but the boys called them froggy masks. They can be made from any material – we chose pieces of brightly coloured foam sheets (bought as surplus stationary at the re-use and up-cycle centre). I cut out a template shape, then collected old buttons – the bigger the better – to add as boggly eyes. I purchased my buttons from the same place, but most haberdashery shops sell jars of them – and school fetes are a good bet for a thrifty find. The scraps left behind from cutting out the masks were turned into smiles and other features (praps a warty spot).  Add a little hat elastic with a staple (be sure to keep the open ends on the outside so as not to scratch little foreheads, and turn over the elastic ends to secure within the staple) to finish the look.

OK, so it’s not a classy Gucci accessory, but the three year olds loved them, especially given they made them themselves. Ribbit ribbit.

Total cost: $5
Total Production Time: 20 minutes to cut out the masks and cut the elastic strings. The froggets were kept busy for a good 20 minutes too, gluing on their eyeballs, frogified grins and adding touches of glitter here and there. 


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